Fingernails Review: A Quirky Romantic Comedy with a Gruesome Twist

*Fingernails* offers a unique take on the complexities of love, blending romantic comedy with elements of body horror. Directed by Christos Nikou and featuring standout performances from Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed, the film explores the absurdity of modern romance through a bizarre yet intriguing premise.
The Premise: Love and Fingernails
In this world, couples undergo a peculiar test to determine the authenticity of their love—ripping out their fingernails. While the concept may seem outlandish, it serves as a catalyst for examining the characters’ relationships and their understanding of love. Anna (Buckley) finds herself questioning her feelings for her boyfriend, Ryan (Jeremy Allen White), after encountering Amir (Ahmed) at the Love Institute.
Strong Performances and Comic Relief
Buckley and Ahmed deliver engaging performances that anchor the film, infusing their characters with depth and charm. Buckley, known for her work in dramatic roles, shines in the comedic moments, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Ahmed brings sincerity and relatability to his portrayal of Amir, adding emotional depth to the romantic narrative. The chemistry between the two leads elevates the romantic tension, making their interactions a highlight of the film.
Balancing Romance and Body Horror
While the film’s premise may be unconventional, its execution occasionally veers into unsettling territory with its portrayal of body horror. The repeated depiction of fingernail removal detracts from the overall romantic storyline, bordering on gratuitous at times. While the discomfort may be intentional, it detracts from the emotional impact of the film, overshadowing its exploration of love and loneliness.
Exploring Love and Compatibility
*Fingernails* raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of love and the limitations of scientific tests in determining compatibility. The film delves into themes of longing, desire, and the search for connection in a world driven by technology and superficiality. However, its exploration of these themes feels somewhat underdeveloped, leaving the audience craving a deeper examination of the subject matter.
Conclusion: A Quirky Yet Flawed Romantic Comedy
Despite its inventive premise and strong performances, *Fingernails* struggles to strike a balance between romance and body horror. While it offers moments of humor and insight into the complexities of modern relationships, its reliance on shock value detracts from its overall impact. Nevertheless, fans of offbeat romantic comedies may find *Fingernails* to be an entertaining and thought-provoking watch.

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