The abandoned dog couldn’t stop crying because his rescuer wouldn’t let him wait for his owner.

  • April 2, 2024

One day, when she was in the building, a kind-hearted woman saw a dog sitting at the entrance of the apartment lobby. She tried to lure him, but he didn’t want to move from that place, as if he was waiting for someone.

He was still there when she returned the next day. At that moment, she realized that this dog was abandoned and still hoping that his owner would return for him.She tried to pet him and give him some food so that he would feel better, but it was all in vain. This dog was filled with sadness because he hadn’t seen the one he loved the most for so long.
The kind woman didn’t want to leave him there, so she called the rescuers for help. When these experienced people came, they managed to gain his trust and take him to the car. All the way, this poor dog was crying because they didn’t let him wait for his owner.

When they came to the vet, he was able to calm down a bit, but his eyes were still moist because of sadness. The doctor determined that he was dehydrated and malnourished, but aside from that, there were no other major health issues. After two days, he was released from the hospital, and one of his saviors decided to foster him. She took him home with her and provided him with all the necessities for a successful recovery.


When Hilly, as his foster mom named him, came home, he was still sad and a bit lost because he suddenly found himself in an unknown environment. Everything happened so quickly, and he still hasn’t completely gotten over his old life.

Fortunately, he soon met a little puppy for whom this woman also cared, and they quickly became best friends. This little pup who had problems with his back legs was a true balm for Hilly’s wounded soul, and only he was able to return the smile to his face.

There were also three other dogs, as well as one cat in the house, but he was somewhat reserved toward them, at least at first. However, he stopped being reserved about food and finally started eating well, which was great for his health.

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