The woman was shocked when she encountered a stray dog, covered in bruises, and begged for help.

  • April 2, 2024

A kind woman was on her way to go camping when she noticed a dog who was in terrible condition. His skinny, naked body was covered in scabs and bruises. She was heartbroken.
She called him to come, offering him some food.

The pup was overjoyed because someone finally took notice of him. He walked over to the giant-hearted woman and smiled at her. The stray was very hungry, and he quickly ate the food she gave him.

The woman felt sad. She was looking at the malnourished canine and wondering when the last time he had a meal was.

The kind human canceled her plans to go camping. She took the dog to the rescue to get him the medical care he needed. The stray pooch was given medicated baths, and his condition was stable. The woman hoped he would recover soon.

She felt attached to the sweet boi and made the decision to give him a forever home.

The good woman adopted other rescue dogs with a difficult past and filled their lives with joy.
She brought the sick pup home and named him Kangkang. At first, he slept a lot. He was exhausted.

Kangkangโ€™s mom made it her priority to nurse him back to health. She treated his wounds and applied medicine to his whole body.

The pup felt relieved to have such a caring mom. She gave him a ton of love, and she was always by his side.

His mom was his best friend, and Kangkang loved going on walks with her. She drove him to the pet hospital for a medical checkup. The vet took a skin sample and informed Kangkangโ€™s mom that her boi was infested with worms.

The precious pup began receiving deworming treatment.

His mom often took him on walks in nature, hoping that he would recover much faster.

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