“Thelma”: A Rollicking Action-Comedy Starring June Squibb

June Squibb proves that age is just a number in Josh Margolin’s action-comedy *Thelma*. In her first lead film role at 94 years old, Squibb shines as the titular Thelma, a lovable grandmother seeking revenge against phone scammers.
 Plot Overview
*Thelma* follows the hilarious misadventures of Thelma, an aging widow who falls victim to a phone scam. Determined to reclaim her lost money and prove her independence, Thelma embarks on a perilous journey with the help of her grandson Daniel and family friend Ben.
Margolin’s script cleverly blends character-driven comedy with over-the-top action sequences, offering a fresh take on the action genre. From high-speed mobility scooter chases to improvised spy gadgets, *Thelma* delivers laughs and thrills in equal measure. The film’s playful subversion of action tropes adds to its charm, while Squibb’s nuanced performance elevates the humor.
 Heart and Sweetness
At its core, *Thelma* is a heartwarming story about family and resilience. Squibb’s portrayal of Thelma captures both her fiery spirit and vulnerability, while her chemistry with Richard Roundtree’s Ben adds depth to their unlikely friendship. Margolin’s love for his grandmother shines through, infusing the film with genuine warmth and affection.
*Thelma* may be a spoof of action movies, but its genuine sweetness and laugh-out-loud humor make it a delightful watch. Squibb’s star turn as the feisty grandmother solidifies her place among action movie legends. With its blend of action-packed hijinks and heartfelt moments, *Thelma* is a must-see for fans of comedy and adventure.

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